macheete is an owner-managed boutique agency for PR & Digital Marketing. Since 2010 we are located in our creative shop right in the heart of Berlin. Our point of focus lies in consultation, conception, and implementation of small to medium sized communication campaigns in the fields of brands, people, and lifestyle. We love music, design and fashion - but we can just as well deal with technology, politics, business and culture. The team at macheete is small, but great! Our team of employees and freelancers share a passion for brands and products.

We always communicate in different directions with the help of public relations, social media marketing, blogger relations and content marketing. We focus on the integration of diverse marketing tools for cross-media exchange. In addition to the instruments in offline communication, we also use new media to communicate topics, stories, and content in a preferably authentic and broad way.



Company Owner

Before Mareen got the idea of self-realization she traveled around the world and stopped in Spain, Switzerland, Austria, and South Africa. She studied communication and management in Vienna, and has now lived for several years in Berlin where she has worked inter alia as a consultant for the campaign agency Lovato. Besides the agency work, she has completed several further education courses at the Deutsche Presseakademie. With the founding of macheete Mareen has fulfilled her long-desired dream—the one of free creativity, boundless communication, and autonomy. Mareen frequently offers workshops and is a lecturer at the UDK.

E-Mail: mareen@macheete.com


Consultant PR & Social Media

¡Hola! As a child, Nina emigrated to Spain with her parents. Here she lived for 10 years, completed her high school diploma and learned to love language and culture. She then moved back to Germany to study. In Berlin she successfully completed the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a little later the Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship. Nina burns for photography, a passion that she still practices today. She recently spent two years working for the young and emerging art start-up JUNIQE, until her interest in creative companies and her friendship with Mareen led her to macheete.

E-Mail: nina@macheete.com


Volunteer PR & Social Media

Luisa grew up in the small Saarland directly on the French border. After graduation, she moved to Trier for a law degree. However, the desire for new experiences grew over time. Two years later, she spontaneously decided to break her tents there and follow the call of the big city. She landed in Berlin, where she studied journalism for three years. Today, with the Bachelor of Arts in her pocket, her search for new challenges led her to macheete.

E-mail: luisa@macheete.com



Project manager

As a teenager Norman discovered his enthusiasm for design and technical development. Simplifying complex issues and making them easier to understand is top priority for the native Berliner. In 2005 he finished his training as a media designer in Berlin. After that he worked for several companies as an advertising designer. With his independence as a freelance designer and programmer he came to macheete. Norman, as a freelancer in project management, advises our clients in design and technical implementation of certain projects. He always manages to create unique impulses with his innovative ideas and creativity.

E-Mail: norman@macheete.com

+ 10 further freelancers from different disciplines


Project manager

Simon was born and raised in the heart of the beautiful German capital. He is thus almost a rare species as a true Berliner. After graduating from school, he first studied and then completed a solid education as an educator. His true love, however, was still always the music and Simon has made some achievements as a music producer over the last 15 years. Since 2014, he has been an integral part of the macheete team and supports us wherever he can. He helps out where he is needed: be it as a freelance copywriter, social media editor or music promoter. Simon is our true all-rounder.

E-Mail: simon@macheete.com

+ 10 further freelancers from different disciplines